Gothic Plus size Casual & Comfy Look

Gothic Plus size Casual & Comfy Look

Plus size goth dress
$81 –

Black vintage shoes

Black rose bag
$49 –

Pendant jewelry

Black ring
$875 –

Gothic ring

Silver tone jewelry

White face powder
$8.32 –

Longsleeve Longtop Gothic Happy Plus Size
$70 –

Longsleeve Longtop Gothic Happy Plus Size
$70 –

In this set on,
I wanted to show the ultimate guide to a super easy and comfy casual gothic look for a curvy  or plus size lady.
It’s a basic look, easy and ready to wear!
All you need is:
  1. a black longsleeve longtop*;
  2. black leggins;
  3. comfy shoes.

*About the top:  it may be  a longtop or a minidress, but it must be not too short and not too big, otherwise it won’t be flattering, on the contrary, it will add volume, which we absolutely don’t want!

Sometimes, traditional online gothic webshops have a small selection dedicated to plus size.

The beauty is you can buy those items on regular online plus size shops (or local shops if you prefer), they’re super easy to find, they have huge selection, just choose the ones you like and your size (check your measurements with care), pick them in black, and it’s done!

The key is to accessorize.

Gothic accessories are the way to transform a basic total black look, maybe a little bit dull, in something personal, reflecting your own style and mind.

I love halfgloves, they immediately give “that gothic touch”.

I’ve added  faux leather boots, super comfy,  and a big black rose bag from Restyle,thinking about walking, driving, shopping, with kids and dogs, to face a perfect, normal , super busy, neverending typical day!

Gothic make-up: there’s not so much time to make up in the morning, but my basic make-up is:

  1. white face podwer;
  2. black eye pencil:
  3. black mascara.

Black eyeliner and lipstick require more time.

Gothic jewellery:  I was thinking about a casual and comfy look, not too elegant, a spider pendant, some rings (cross, spiders, bats) and earrings (bats).

Hope I was helpful and you liked my suggestions for a gothic plus size casual and comfy look.









2 thoughts on “Gothic Plus size Casual & Comfy Look

  1. leorock65 says:

    accessories very pretties! :))

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